Revived. Repurposed. Let’s talk about interfaces.

Where's the "ANY" key?

4 years.  That’s how long it’s been since I even remembered that this blog existed.  Monday morning.  Memorial Day.  One of the eight or so days a year we don’t pile into the office and work.  Where’s the ANY key? is coming back to life, or at least it’s going to try.  This blog will live and die by the technology hurdles and nightmares that plague my life.  I thought of bundling all of that together in the brother blog Life-RW, but it seemed like things would be too cluttered.  Here we can focus on the internet, and software, and all the things that developers are supposed to care about without having to be bombarded with conversations about human interactions or social events or psychology.

To welcome the tech blog back, I’d like to talk about interfaces for a little bit.  I know the topic is tired and worn…

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