Really understanding Polymorphism

Object Reference Hell

Today’s blog is much less the normal in that I will not be providing any coding or examples of anything I have come across. Today, I am going to talk about an interesting topic that is both fundamental to software development in the OOP world, but often misunderstood. Me Included. Yes I know, I shouldn’t admit it, but I also even though thinking I really understood polymorphism and have answered correctly on any interview question when asked what it is, failed the test when reading this blog by an excellent blogger named John Sonmez.

The test was “Can you provide an actual analogy for polymorphism”. The key word here is analogy, not example. I have often said (as taught by my awesome parents long ago), if you can give an analogy for something, then you truly understand it. If not, and can only come up with an example or rigid…

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