New Programming Paradigm: Interface Contractor Pattern

My Way With Java

Let me start by first stating the disclaimer: I have seen similar patterns out there, but I have not stumbled upon a pattern exactly like this. I might be wrong, and if I am please, point out the pattern I have reinvented. I have briefly scratched the surface of this topic in my previous posts, but now it is the time to dig a little deeper. It goes like this: “Interfaces are contracts not objects!” Sure, interfaces are assignable, but they should not be accessed like objects. The idea presented is already is use in a bit different contexts: Java Connector Architecture (JCA) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) often hide the complexity of the direct communication interface by wrapping it inside another class. One of the main points besides hiding the complexity is to raise the level of abstraction in design. And without further ado, let me give you the…

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