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Lucas van Leyden's The Game of Chess

Why Chess? Chess is a social game of logic, strategy, creativity, pattern recognition, psychology, and analysis. It has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and academic performance. Besides being good for you, it’s fun, affordable, and incredibly easy to host at a library.

Who Can You Expect to Attend? Chess appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. I’ve attended the chess club at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library on several occasions, and everyone from young children to retirees stop by to play; study problems, openings, and endgames; and just to kibitz. Chess crosses cultural boundaries and language barriers and its rich global history spans more than 1,500 years. All people have something to contribute to chess, everyone becomes both teacher and student.

Chess is big

What You’ll Need: the basic requirements to play are a board and a full complement of pieces. For…

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