A Trillion Dollar Math Trick

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


Mike Stonebraker is one of the world’s leading expert on database technology. He started in academe at Berkeley, is now again in academe at MIT, and has launched a raft of successful companies. He is currently the co-founder and chief technology officer of at least three startups in the database area. One is called “Data Tamer” and is a joint venture with researchers from QCRI—Qatar Computing Research Institute—see this release.

Today I would like to talk about his presentation at the TTI Vanguard meeting on “Ginormous Systems” in DC. His talk was on “Seven Big Data Megatrends.”

By the way the word “Ginormous” is a real word–see here for the formal definition. I initially thought the Vanguard organizers had made up the word, but it is real. It should be obvious that Ginormous means large, actually really . This Vanguard meeting was dedicated to Ginormous systems of all kinds:…

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